Readings Introduction

What Is A Reading? 

A reading refers to the report that results from 'reading' your location off the Eyemap Model and using that position to calculate certain details - reading modules - specific to you and your experiences in that place. Any location and any number of modules may be used to generate a reading, the aim being to better understand yourself and circumstances of your life. All of the information is specific to you.

Please note that you can also do readings for other people - family, friends and even people whose lives interest you. Information would be specific to them.


How To Do A Reading

There are three categories of Reading Modules

  • Lifetime modules need only be done once because the information doesn't change even if your location changes.
  • Annual modules are best done on the anniversary (on or just after the date) of your birthday each year; the module information pertains to your birthday year.
  • Everyday modules change as you change location and are thus recommended for every new location or location of interest.

Where to begin?

Select modules that are relevant to what you would like to know about yourself in a location. You in your home environment is a good starting point. Pick modules that relate to you in your current home. You might like to know which Areas Of Your Life  are most influenced by your location, or what sort of locational influences there are regarding Your Family And Home Life. You might like to investigate a home you once lived in for hindsight understanding of the locational dynamics regarding your Marriage. If you're planning to move home and have specific needs, you would certainly benefit from understanding the locational influences before you commit to a purchase.

You could run modules for your work environment or a place you're thinking about for setting up a business. Modules that deal with your Career and Wealth would be good choices for a workplace reading. You could pair these with lifetime blueprints of your Career and Wealth so that you have a picture of your inborn potential (you) and what's locationally possible (you in your location).

If you're a keen traveller or favour certain places but are not certain as to the reason for your attraction, choose modules that explain what special processes are in effect and how they benefit you. The Sapphire and Crystal Tablet Insight modules are excellent for understanding sites old and new. If you feel wonderful in a particular place, you might even consider relocating your home or workplace to a similar part of the Earth's anatomy.

Take a look at the lifetime modules as they identify your inborn characteristics and vital qualities. This is essential information for not only expanding your self-awareness but also for providing you with insights into your innate strengths and gifts that you can tap into when you’re uncertain about things in your life and are in need of guidance and support.

The annual readings track your position in the cosmic cycle of life known as the hero’s journey. Earth life is tough for all human souls. In esoteric thinking, it’s considered one of the hardest ‘schools of learning’. Knowing where you are on your hero's journey helps you to put things into perspective and offers you some handy tips to guide you along your way.


The Sample Earthbody Reading is a quick look-up location tool that allows you to check where you're positioned anywhere in the world. You will need to register to use this complimentary feature but usage is not limited, so feel free to explore as much as you like. We'd love to hear from you so please share your findings and experiences with us in the forum.  


How To Retrieve Your Reading

Once you have selected your reading modules and made payment through the store checkout facility, your reading will be immediately available for viewing. A red dot will appear next to your name in the menu bar to remind you of items that need to be redeemed. Click on your name or the cog next to it. Select My Readings in the drop down menu and view your reading in the New Readings section.