Earthbody concepts are made visual and practical in this Galleries section. Each gallery houses a collection of themed images. To view a particular gallery, please click on its highlighted title. 

Places Of Interest Gallery

The Places of Interest Gallery is a "mosaic" of places we've found interesting and think might appeal to you too. The descriptor accompanying each image, is a tidbid overview of some of the results, read off the Earthbody Eyemap grid for each location.  

If you're inspired by what you see and want to know more about how you may benefit from visiting any of these places, select Reading Modules that interest you and create your own Earthbody Reading.  Pick your site off the 'Places of Interest' listing on the inputs page of your reading. It's alphabetical, easy to scroll through and includes sites showcased in this gallery, and other places worth exploring.


Little-Big Things Gallery

The Little-Big Things Gallery is a collection of 'small stuff' images - from interesting facts to important little details, that are significant in their contribution to our collective understanding of how things work in our world.  This collection showcases images from all all facets of life - archaeological sites, museums, natural attractions, parks, shops, buildings, homes, streets and structures. These 'little things' tell fascinating tales and many of them have been pivotal in refining Earthbody concepts. They've helped us recognise links we didn't know existed, guided us in unusual directions, and filled in the gaps of our Earthbody story. They're 'big in their littleness'. Curiously compelling, these images remind us of the wonderful world we live in.