About Astrology

Astrology is a powerful tool and one that we hugely respect at Earthbody. It is unfortunate that it has such a bad reputation. Those who raise an eyebrow and are quick to relegate astrology and anything associated with it to the trash heap should be asking why it’s still practiced thousands of years after it was first developed, if it has nothing valuable to offer. The bottom line is this: astrology is the best and quickest way to accurately map out our inherent qualities, the aspects that differentiate us from each other. On some deep level we know this, and because we are inherently curious and want to know more about ourselves, we continue to read our horoscopes despite social disapproval. 

Personalised astrology offers us a means to identify our individual blueprints, the characteristics we are born with that differentiate us from other members of our families, friends and society as a whole.


What Does This Mean For You?

Earth is a planet and so she has to be viewed along with other planets. Just as Earth affects the other planets by her movement and cycles, so too, do their movements and cycles affect her. As an inhabitant of Earth, this affects you. At the time of your birth, these ‘affects’ - the stellar and planetary configurations evident in the heavens at that time, become imprints - your inherent patterns. These patterns are your ‘lot in life’, the ‘deck of hands' you have been dealt. Yours is different to everybody else’s and defines exactly who you are.

Astrological practice helps to identify these inherent attributes, the way they affect you, and how they play out in your life. When you know what you are born with and with what you have to work, you are no longer ‘fated’- thrown around ‘willy-nilly’ by the circumstances of your life. Wisdom and understanding give you a measure of control and thus free will to see things in their appropriate context, which then allows you to take action accordingly. This form of proactive astrology teaches you to change what you can in your life and accept and work with what you cannot.


Earthbody Applications

We use certain astrological practices to differentiate experiences for people sharing similar households, workplaces or visiting particular places of interest. For example, you and I may live in a certain house, which is identified as a particular part of the Earth’s anatomy, but have very different experiences. This is because our inherent astrological attributes are different. The dynamics defined by our location and inherent attributes will determine whether that location would be beneficial or challenging. You might find the experience to be wonderful whilst I may find it really difficult. The Earthbody database gives specific details as to what that experience entails. The benefits are clearly enormous. Your location will describe the type of experience you might expect to have; you get to decide if that’s what you want. If not ideal, you can try out another reading using an alternative location to see if that better matches your requirements.

Astrological practice through the Earthbody readings teaches you who you are in the context of everyday matters. This is living Earthbody Astrology. It encourages your personal growth allowing you to be master of your life rather than its slave.