About Earthbody

The Earthbody philosophy is based on ancient Greek principles of macrocosm-microcosm. This schema recognises the repetition of patterns in the cosmos, from the largest (macrocosm - universal level) to the most minute (microcosm - sub-atomic level). Man is seen as the sentient medium between these two worlds and image of the cosmos.  We are thus microcosm and macrocosm; we are a cell of Earth's body, we are an Earth; we contain many Earths within us, we are a galaxy, a universe and more... 

We are in this world… but this world is also within us.  

From the Earthbody perspective, the human body is seen to be a reflection of the Earth’s body. Every person is viewed as a miniature planet Earth. Every person therefore embodies all aspects of our living Earth - every continent, country, ocean, river, sea, cell, bird, animal, tree, mineral, pyramid, temple, chakra, atmosphere and all other aspects of her magnificent creation. Even though we look different we are the same and are thus intimately interconnected. What we do to ourselves we do to the Earth, which means we have to be responsible.


"In some sense man is a microcosm of the universe; 
therefore what man is, is a clue to the universe."

David Bohm (1917-1992); Quantum Physicist


The Earthbody approach is holistic. All facets of life are explored. We learn to be discerning through our feelings and intellect and assess our world through our senses and intuition. This balanced view animates and intensifies our view, bringing a sense of wholeness in what would otherwise be a cold, quantitative and mechanistic view of our world.

In the Earthbody approach, science merges with spirit, objective Earth communes with subjective Gaia, ignorant human becomes sentient Being.

When we truly comprehend that we are an intimate part of all life, then we are able to see that there is actually nothing wrong with our world and that it is simply our perception of it that is faulty. Our debilitated perceptions are the result of our belief systems. These create and colour our reality. When we are willing to remove our rose tinted glasses and earnestly examine our belief systems, then we are able to change them. In so doing, we change the way in which we see things. When we see differently, we respond differently. We have then changed and in so doing, we have changed our reality and hence our world. 


 "Things don't change. You change your way of looking, that's all."

Carlos Castaneda (1925 – 1998), Peruvian-born American author


As human parts of the Earth, we contain the constituents of the overall structure of the Earth. Humans and Earth are mutable beings as we are both predominantly water-based bodies. Change is therefore possible. When we function with absolute clarity and consciousness, with belief systems that respect and intend for the highest good of all Earth life, we are able to manifest fast, effective and lasting prosperity

Earthbody concepts are not new. They're simply looked at in a different way. We've compiled some great imagery that expands on the themes discussed here. If you're keen to explore, take a look at our 'Microcosm-Macrocosm', 'Earth Reflections''Earthbody' and 'I of Eyes' Pinterest boards.