About The Sapphire Tablets

The Sapphire Tablets are an ancient body of information, available to us in this form at this time to spur on our personal evolution. They assume the form of 169 magnificent butterflies and have been created in coloured clays, gems, baubles and beads.

In the esoteric tradition, the Sapphire Tablets deal with unconscious destructive patterns inherited from our ancestors. These skeletons of the past are known, as the 'sins of the forefathers' and like still waters 'run very deep' within us and carry an enormous amount of trauma and pain. These imprints are often the root cause of our debilitated beliefs and they play out repeatedly in our lives. As these patterns are invisible and not necessarily of our creation, they are hard to identify, understand and resolve. The Sapphire Tablets are access codes that unlock the doors to this unconscious world.

Butterflies are traditionally associated with transformation. Psyche is the Greek term for both soul and butterfly. Through the Sapphire Tablets we face our souls, reveal the aspects that debilitate us and embrace the changes that must follow. The obstacles are alchemically transformed from fixed impediments to fluid potentials, like the in-between stages of butterfly metamorphosis. Energy flows into every nook and cranny and we are thus forced to face everything about ourselves and our lives before we can 'wash away' what no longer serves us and emerge from our cocoons like magnificent butterflies. 

The Sapphire Tablets And The Sacred Feminine

The unconscious is the realm of the Sacred Feminine. In scientific terminology the Sacred Feminine refers to mitochondrial DNA. The Sapphire Tablets are a script for restoring health to the Sacred Feminine - mitochondrial DNA. Apart from their role as powerhouses - turning fuel into energy - mitochondrial DNA control the fate of every cell in our bodies and thus our fate as a human beings. Damage to the mitochondrial function limits the ability of the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in consciousness, to operate properly. Through the Sapphire Tablets we recover and enhance this function.

What Does This Mean For You? 

The butterflies work discretely and require faith and patience. Once you have engaged with the butterflies through the Earthbody readings, the healing processes begin. Solutions arrive in curious ways and you may not realise what's happening until after events have unfolded. One day you may suddenly notice that an issue that was plaguing for years you has gone. A load has been lifted and you not only feel fantastic, but you look better too! 

As issues transform, health often improves. It is important to stress that the Sapphire Tablets are not a cure nor are they a substitute for conventional medicine. The latter focuses on diagnosis and treating physical issues whilst the former deals with unravelling unconscious patterns by working with and through their source. Both are valuable as they work on different levels of the body. Conventional medicine offers direct relief, which is valuable support that keeps you focused and optimistic, as old and stuck issues are resolved through the Sapphire Tablets.

The 'Sapphire Tablet Insights' module offers you an opportunity to explore the mysterious world of the Sapphire Tablets.