About the Eyemap Model

The Eyemap® Model 'arrived' unexpectedly, one afternoon, in early June 2004. Whilst Salome was looking for an archaeology reference, a geology manual accidentally fell open on a satellite image of an ancient granite dome. The Johannesburg Dome is a geological staple for all South African geologists and thus familiar, but on this particular day it looked different. Superimposed upon this satellite image, Salome saw a symbol of the Eye Of Horus, which she recognised to be an Earth equivalent of a Third Eye Chakra. Most significantly, she could 'read' this chakra's anatomy using an Iridology chart. The Earth appeared to have a body just like humans and we apparently lived in her various organs.

Positioning herself within the Earth's anatomy proved revelatory. Plotting every one of her homes, Salome discovered that she had been living in the Earth’s appendix when her appendix had been removed. Whilst in the adrenal glands she developed autoimmune system problems. When living in the kidney, she experienced endless urinary tract infections and when she stayed in the pancreas, blood sugar levels were an issue. This could not possibly be coincidental!

Understanding what this meant and how the map worked together with the Crystal and Sapphire Tablets, also unusual bodies of work with peculiar origins, became Salome's primary research focus.

The Eyemap® Model forms the foundation of everything on this website. It is a grid that covers the entire planet and anyone can plot themselves in any location with the exception of the North and South Poles, which are grid-free points. Living in a particular place does not mean you will get ill. For Salome ill health provided the clue - the ‘aha’ moment - that made her sit up and pay attention. This model would undoubtedly not exist had she not experienced health issues, which raises some interesting questions about the nature and purpose of ill health. 

If you’re interested in understanding where you live and what you need to be aware of regarding your health, please select the 'Healthy Beyond Belief' module for a reading. Please note that health related modules are not intended as substitutes for traditional medicine but should rather be viewed in conjunction with conventional medical practices and used to further your understanding.

There are a variety of topics covered in the Reading Modules section. These offer you multiple lenses through which to see yourself. Looking with 'different eyes' is valuable as you see aspects of yourself you might ordinarily not have been aware of. The more you know about who you are, the greater control you have over your thoughts, actions and behaviour and thus what you create and experience going forward in your life.