About the Crystal Tablets

The Crystal Tablet gemstone-beaded bears, evolved as part of a beneficiation project for a sister company called Basilica Gems Jewels and Collectables Pty Ltd. At their first public showing in Johannesburg 2001, the collection sold out and spurred on by this success they were developed as an exclusive range of limited edition gemstone-beaded bears.

The Basilica Bear range was officially launched at the Birmingham Trade Fair in 2003 and thereafter distributed through the Alexander Collections and Hamleys Toy Store in London. By the end of 2005 all models had sold out and the project came to an end.

The following short movies were created to celebrate the occasion. Whilst the bear stories have developed since then, these short films are included to give you a sense of just how special they are.



What Are The Crystal Tablets?

In the esoteric realm, the bears are known as the Crystal Tablets. Their frivolous facades are deliberatively deceptive; it is their way of engaging your attention. These are potent 'bearers' of gifts. Their objective is to awaken the hero within you! There are 55 bears in total, each with its own teaching guided through a poem. The poetry alludes to their ‘otherworldliness’ and people who have worked with them often speak of strange dreams and unusual experiences. The Crystal Tablets comprise an ancient body of information structured to suite our modern day lives. To experience some of this work, select a Crystal Tablet Insights module for a reading.  


Why Bears?

Bears are symbolic of the heart of the inner child, which explains their popularity as children’s soft toys. The Crystal Tablet bears, take you on a journey to your heart, which is how you develop Heart Consciousness or Golden Consciousness as it is otherwise known. The bears engage with your authentic inner child, known as the Golden Child. They invite you to enter the dreamtime, to recall and celebrate the magic of life. They encourage you to be spontaneous, imagine, dream and indulge in the fantasy of your inner child. Being more open and accepting of yourself, as a child would be, is how you grow your self-awareness, overcome your internal struggle and renew your faith in life. In becoming conscious, you learn to love. You experience your world with wonder and your existence as a precious treasure. Your potential is now realizable, because you are being authentic, doing what you love most and what brings happiness and joy into your life.


Bears And The Hero’s Journey

Bear teachings involve a typical hero’s journey. Identified and popularised by the American intellectual Joseph Campbell, the hero’s journey describes a common structure of story evident in tales, myths, legends, fairy tales and even religious narratives across the world. A hero’s journey portrays the classic adventure of the archetype known as The Hero, who is called to adventure and goes out into world, engages in all sorts of experiences through which he transforms and evolves. The hero eventually returns to his society having achieved great deeds and with the power to bestow treasures on his fellow man.

Some of our best-loved stories and real life characters have walked this same journey. Superman and James Bond share the same fundamental make-up in their quests to save and improve the world. Nelson Mandela is a real life classic hero. His life may be mapped out according to the same structure and stages of a hero’s journey. He transforms the world with his message of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Whether it’s Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Odysseus or Hercules and his twelve labours, the core story is fundamentally the same regardless of time or culture. These stories are your story and the one you’re living at this moment.

If you love bears and are interested in the concepts of the hero's journey, take a look at our 'Bear Hearts and Heroes' Pinterest board.


Bear Movie Magic

The following short movie is our version of a classic hero’s journey set within the grand schema of life that sees us all as interconnected beings whose purpose here on Earth is to become more self-aware. Our heroine is ‘called to adventure’ by her inner child whose purpose is to remind her of her connection and importance as an intimate member of the Universe. Children are connected to their world; they experience the awe and miracle of being alive. Adults tend to lose this connection as they grow up and experience disappointment. Our heroine finds herself in such a position. Confused and alone she wonders about the meaning of her life.

With each golden step she evolves in confidence and consciousness. We follow her through some of the classic stages that all hero’s experience, watch her slay her inner demons, transform her feelings of shame and failure and see her emerge victorious as she reunites with her Golden Child. She is a changed woman, beautiful and whole.