Frequently Asked Questions 

Is My Home Good Or Bad For Me?

Everyone’s experience of a place is unique. Some may find living in a particular location wonderful and supportive, whilst others may find it miserable and debilitating. What is good for one person may not be good for another.

The process of deciding what's good for you is deeply personal. There are going to be aspects of your life that 'work' better for you than others. We recommend that you take a look at the list of Reading Modules and select the ones with themes that interest you or that grab your attention.



Should I Stay Or Should I Move? 

Moving away from your current location to escape your problems is an option provided you're not moving into an area bringing up similar or worse belief patterns. We have found that people without locational understanding, often move back into areas that bring up the same issues. So awareness is key. Once you know what living in a particular location means for you personally, you have a choice. Locational awareness is an opportunity for you to exercise your free will and choose what's best for you.

If you stay in your location, you have to face up to your issues. You can't ignore what you know. Living in denial or accepting mediocrity as a way of life is not an option. Understanding what beliefs cause you trouble, forces you to consciously work with them using whatever opportunities and tools you have available. That is how debilitating patterns are broken and you 'escape the suffering'.

Should you decide to move location, you have the opportunity to choose where to live based on what you would like to experience. When you know what you're dealing with, you're not bound by it. You have the opportunity to direct your life experiences rather than be a victim of circumstances you do not understand.

In summary:
Staying with no awareness = facing repetitive issues because you have no understanding of your locational patterns

Staying with awareness = freedom of understanding; an opportunity to deal with your issues 
Moving with no awareness = risky, possibly landing up in a location that brings up similar or worse issues 
Moving with awareness = wisdom of understanding; an opportunity to choose your experiences 


Why Is Data Sometimes Repeated?

Repetition in the Earthbody work has a two-fold function. Firstly, it highlights potential and affirms that you're on the right track. Secondly, it alerts you to issues that possibly require your attention. Remember that the toughest challenges often offer the greatest opportunities and they are repeated in order to provoke and pressurize you into recognizing the enormous gifts they hold. 


What ... I Live In The Anus?

You may find that you live in what you perceive to be an undesirable organ of the body. Rest assured, there is no such thing as a bad organ in the Earthbody work. How can there be? Every organ plays a vital role in the proper functioning of your body, so to say that living in the heart is better than being in the anus, is incorrect. Buckingham Palace (UK) and Capitol Hill (USA) are both located in aspects of the genitals. This is not as suspect as you might think. Crystal and Sapphire Tablet reading modules for each location, explain the benefits of being in these places for grounding power and ensuring continuity, but they also warn against being unimaginative, duty bound, having dubious ethics and manipulating power. Being in body organs with 'noble' reputations also have issues that need to be dealt with. For example, some of the most religious sites on the planet are located in the brain, which is ideal for tapping into higher awareness and inspiring devotion, but risky for those who cannot distinguish between reality and illusion and are thus open to religious abuse and indoctrination.


Does A Place Change Or Is It Me that Changes? 

Both of you change, because when your perception changes everything externally changes. You see things differently and therefore experience everything around you as different. The problem arises with the collective body which often struggles to change perception. The international crises we're witnessing at this current time in our Earth history, are a reflection of this difficulty, hence the importance of change at the collective level. The Earthbody readings are specifically designed with this in mind. They are accessible to all who care and want to make a difference in our world.


Are There Best Places For Me To Heal?

Yes there are. You would however need to repeat the readings for different locations until you find places that specifically deal with the aspects of your life you would like to address. Be prepared to face your issues!

If you're not interested in moving but simply want to immerse yourself in appropriate healing energies, consider visiting sacred sites that embody the energy you require.

We are not medical practitioners and therefore not qualified to comment on medical conditions or offer treatment advice. We are however permitted to speak about the feedback we've received and trends that we've noticed. Test candidates often move into or travel to areas that deal specifically with health issues they are facing. For example, a person with a thyroid disorder may move to or repeatedly visit areas that are the thyroid and/or bring up issues and health ailments pertaining specifically to the thyroid. Do these people, 'instinctively know' where they need to be in order to address the underlying issues causing their health problems? Medical practitioners take note! Does your location match your service and if so, do you get better results because of it? Let us know...

Being aware of the beliefs and issues that could potentially arise whilst living in an area is not only insightful, but liberating if you're willing to look, accept and do what they have to do in pursuit of a quality life. Try out a 'Healthy Beyond Belief' module for you in your home's location to understand what you're dealing with. The Earth always works towards your highest good. You are ultimately a part of her body. She will always support the process of transformation and healing. You simply need to be willing participant.


If I Change My Home, Do I Change My Fate?

Yes you might if you move into a location that focuses on different natal attributes. Whatever you have been experiencing based on your natal predisposition, which is what we refer to as fate - the 'deck of hands' you’ve been dealt at birth - now changes. You essentially alter all the parameters by focusing on other aspects of your intrinsic nature, that then takes you down a different path and other life experiences. For a more indepth discussion on this subject, take a  look at the Article: If You Change Your Home Do You Change Your Fate?


Why Are My Beliefs So Important?

You and I may encounter the same situation, but see it differently. You for example, may see things in a positive and inspiring light whereas I may see things as gloomy and depressing. Why? We see things differently based on our past experiences and our beliefs about those experiences, which influence our impressions of our current circumstances. We are essentially conditioned in our responses based on previous experiences. These experiences and particularly our thoughts and feelings about them colour our current perceptions - the way in which we see things - and drive our attitudes and behaviour.

When you think positively, you see positively; your attitude and behaviour is positive. When you think negatively, you see negatively; your attitude and behaviour is negative. When negative thoughts persist, they become particularly destructive and debilitating patterns that repeatedly invade your life, ensuring the same miserable outcomes over and over again.

You see your world as YOU ARE and not how it is. Your reality is thus a relative thing; it's not even necessarily real. The good news then, is that you can change it!


How Do I Deal With Troublesome Beliefs? 

There is no simple way to spring clean suspect beliefs. We tend to behave like addicts when we need to clear out old thinking. It’s like being on diet. The more we focus on losing weight the more we want to eat and worse still, we crave the wrong fats and sweet foods which we would ordinarily never be interested in. Does this sound familiar?

The following conventional tools and techniques focus on the formation of positive new habits. They require some effort, discipline and patience. Only select the methods that appeal to you. Having an optimistic and positive attitude from the get go will increase your chance of success.


Writing: Consider starting a journal. It's a wonderful creative process and highly therapeutic! Take a look at our 'Know Thyself' Pinterest board for ideas, tools and techniques. Writing is a good way of making sense of any issue that you’re dealing with. Sensitive emotions and memories are objectified in this process, allowing you to step away and view them from a distance. Using words to examine an issue brings clarity; you are able to see its purpose and underlying order, which frees you from the power of its hold and the pain that it brings.

Write down how you think your subconscious beliefs influence you. What you think and believe to be true often looks very different when expressed on paper. Paper is said to be very ‘patient’ - it gives you a private opportunity to vent as much as you like whenever you like. Writing often reveals the unexpected and is an excellent way of releasing issues that burden you. Writing down your questions helps you to receive answers faster, because you have defined what you want to know and forced your brain to pay attention and bring the necessary information to the fore. 

Totality: Being totally present in every aspect of your life means that your conscious mind is in control. Your subconscious thoughts have no sway and are thus powerless. Being able to master being in the present moment is how you transcend the endless stream of thoughts that vie for your attention, and enter into a state of pure awareness where interpretations, judgements and conclusions have no relevance.

When you are totally present in everything that you do, you nourish yourself and bring an amazing energy and creativity to your life. The more present you are the more present you become and old debilitated habits eventually fall away.

Gratitude:  Every seemingly negative situation brings something good, no matter how bad it may appear. If you are currently faced with a particular situation, maybe one identified through the Earthbody readings, consider all the good things that have come out of this for you. For example: Has being ill reminded you to be grateful for your life? Has it forced you to drop the drama and focus on what’s important? Has it helped you to heal wounded relationships? Has it persuaded you into another direction that is better suited to who you are but that you have been too fearful or apathetic to consider before?

Be thankful no matter what! A positive outlook will make you feel great and the ‘good vibes’ you project into your world will return to you greatly amplified. 

Focus on All that is Good About You: Society has conditioned us all into believing we are lacking and less than worthy: We are never pretty enough, clever enough, thin enough, rich enough and so on. Although we intuitively know this is not an accurate picture of who we are, it’s hard to resist the daily bombardment of projections and persuasions that come our way.

You, like everybody else, have inherent positive attributes and strengths. You need to identify what these are - which is where the Earthbody readings are valuable – own them, and use them to your advantage.

The more positive you are about yourself, the more positivity you attract to yourself. This is Universal Law. Debilitated beliefs have no strength to derail you when you are focused on all that is good about yourself. Assimilate all that you discover in a journal and keep it close to you as a constant reminder of how special you are. Write down everything you love about yourself. As you can’t always see yourself, ask others who know you well to write down what they love about you too. You will be surprised to discover how much more you are than you believe yourself to be. Take a look at our Wonder Woman, Wonder World Earthife Study for more on this subject. Our 'Know Thyself' Pinterest board may inspire you too!

Repetition: Your brain is malleable. Old dysfunctional habits may therefore be replaced with good new ones provided you repeat them over and over again. Hebbs Law states: "Neurons that fire together, wire together." Repetition thus establishes 'new brain wiring'. Explore our 'Amazing Brain' Pinterest board for more on these concepts.

Props and Rewards: Supporting new habits is essential. ‘Fake it till you make it’- use props to support your intentions and live as if your new habits are already a part of your life. Live the 'good life' now. Don't delay. Reward yourself every time you meet your objectives as this reinforces your new behaviour and encourages you to keep going. Rewarding yourself, is similar to a dopamine release by the brain’s reward centre. It brings a sense of pleasure and focuses your attention, so that you learn to repeat the same behaviour.

Bedtime Affirmations: It is possible to reprogram your subconscious by tapping into your body’s natural hypnotic state. This occurs just before you go to sleep, when you are most relaxed, your conscious mind has quietened down and your brain passes through the programmable theta phase. Being grateful for your day and repeating positive affirmations as you fall asleep subliminally programmes positive ideas and suggestions into your subconscious mind.

Sanitise Your Environment and Create a Sacred Space: You cannot function optimally in an unsupportive environment. Get rid of clutter, all the debris of your past, anything that makes you feel bad about yourself including toxic people. It is important for you to have a sacred space into which you can retreat and be on your own. This ‘man/woman cave’ is your exclusive domain, a special place in which you nurture your spirit. You might want to listen to music and paint or alternatively meditate, and pray. Bring in natural elements as these are calming and help centre you and replenish your vital energy. By grounding yourself in your sacred space you liberate the upward flow of energy in your body and thus refuel your life force. More awake and more alive, you open yourself up to new and fresh possibilities. If you're looking for inspiration, take a look at our 'Contemplative Space' Pinterest board!