About Salome

Salome Pouroulis is the founder of Earthbody. She had a degree in Geology, Archaeology and the Earth Sciences, an Honours degree in Geology and a Masters in Business Administration.

Salome's geological career began in the South African mining industry. Health issues redirected her path into the less physically demanding minerals and beneficiation industry where, for thirteen years, she explored the fascinating world of gems and minerals and their various applications. This opened the door to alternative concepts regarding the influence of gems and minerals in health, which she found particularly interesting. These views were generally disregraded by the scientific fraternity, but they made sense to her.

Inspired by her findings, she began investigating other unconventional disciplines. This not only changed her view regarding the nature of disease, health and wellbeing but also of geology. Salome concluded that combined scientific and esoteric thought, provided better explanations for enigmatic geological phenomena, than each discipline offered on its own. This ultimately led to the development of a unified model that merged scientific and spiritual thinking - the result of which is Earthbody.

On the 7th February 2020, Salome Pouroulis passed away. Salome, the "Spiritual Scientist", was an incredible mother, loyal daughter, humour-full sister and generous friend: a loving human being! Deeply loved, Salome was someone who lead by example in all that she did. Salome is deeply missed. Rest in Peace dearest Salome. 

Earthbody continues to offer its services through the website's rich informative content and individual readings. Please continue to support the essence of Salome and her everlasting presence through your use, and application of, the EARTHBODY website to your life and self learning journey.